Perennial Flowering Plant | Coreopsis Grandiflora

Summer Flowering Coreopsis

We are almost into June and Summer Flowering Plants “Coreopsis Grandiflora” are making a good display as perennial bedding plants. Also known as tickseed , they are equally good as pot plants. Summer Blooming Plants “Coreopsis” bloom from March to November , they put on an excellent display. They can be grown in Sindh , Punjab and a few areas of KPK. If you are living in Karachi, Hyderabad , Multan , Rahimyar Khan, Lahore, Faialabad , Sialkot , rawalpindi, Peshawar, Islamabad or areas with similar climate, you can grow this plant with ease.  It best thrives under full sun with adequate water.  They ll make an excellent choice as summer flowering plants as they continue to please gardeners even in hot months of May and June when even the petunias and breathing their last.


Here’s a video from a customer’s outer lawn in Sialkot where tickseed were planted a year ago:


How To Grow:

We provide Coreopsis perennial plants in 10 inch pots. You can plant them at an interval of 9 inches. They are best grown in full sun while keeping the soil moist but not soggy. Make sure to add our “ORGANIC COMPOST” to soil before planting. Water well after planting so that you do not have to water it the next day but from the third day onward, water on daily basis unless there’s already enough moisture.

Here’s an image of a full grown Coreopsis Plant. It is roughly 12 inches apart and not more than 7 inches tall.


Coreopsis clump




Coreopsis are propagated by division of clump in mild season preferably in October or February. However, root division can be done from August to March with effective results. While dividing in winter months , place them under plastic or a speedy recovery. As the name suggests, plants can also be propagated by seed. Sow seeds in February or March under Green Net or filtered sunlight.