Visit to One of the Best Gardens of Pakistan

This will be among the best gardens of Pakistan one day. A garden that I started from scratch 3 years ago has started to take shape and the plants are maturing. Among the best gardens of Pakistan , this is probably the youngest but it grows over 300 very unique and not so common flowering plants. Most of these are exotic and imported from various countries. Welcome to the garden of SYED ALI ZAFAR , barrister and a keen gardener.

Located near Orchard Road, Islamabad , we started this garden 3 years ago with an English Garden Theme in our mind. Overwhelmed by the beauty of English gardens , We also had an obstacle that we did not want to build a garden that only blooms in spring and is dull for the rest of the year. We wanted to have equal share of magic in all four seasons and that made us work really hard. We planted diffrent varieties of Maples, Houyttunia Chameleon, Heucheras and berberis to give Red and Sophora Gold Rust , Ilex variegata , and some other variegated plants to Give other colors to break the green. Flowering plants provided us other range of colors in the garden.

You can view the video below and see some of the exotic plants blooming.




Part 2 of the video:


Key plants Planted include:


Acer Bloodgood

Acer Variegata ‘Butterfly’

Acer Dissectum

Berberis Darwinii

Berberis Thunbergi

Berberis Orange Rocket

Lagerstroemia Dynamite

Lagerstroemia Loudonii

Cassia Nealiae Rainbow Shower

Cassia Siam’s White

Echium candicans

Psoralea Fleta


Bauhinia Kockiana

Flowering Cherry Pink Cloud



and Much More