Top Ten Trees In Pakistan

So if we were to compile a list of top ten trees in Pakistan there would be many alien trees. Over the years we have tried and tested several trees and here s a list of our :




10. Cassia Nealiae ‘Siam’s White’

White Cassia
Siam’s White Cassia

A cross between Cassia Fistula and Cassia Javanica with white blooms throughout spring and summer. This one gets an edge over Cassia Noosa because of its extended bloom period and ability to flower the very first year from grafted plants. We have seen plenty blooming at our nursery in pots.


9. Cassia Bakeriana

Burmese Cassia Bakeriana (Image              courtesy: Jessica Cabrere)


One of our favorites. If there was a tree that can match the beauty of Japanese flowering cherry Sakura then here it is. Cassia Bakeriana is an early bloomer that blooms in April when there’s not a single leaf. The tree blooms again in Monsoon with leaves. An upright tree with a much better form as compared to Cassia Nodosa.

8. Jacaranda Jasminoides

Maroon Jacaranda Jasminoides

A small tree to 15 ft that is always in bloom. Jacaranda Jasminoides is an early bloomer and blooms non stop from March through November. Leaves are distinctive from  Jacaranda Mimisifolia found in abundance in Pakistan. The flower color is reddish and distinctive to other varieties.

7. Schizolobium Prahyba

Shizoolobium Prahyba

A tree that looks like a palm or a giant tree fern but flowers like Delonix Floribunda. This is an Australian native which brings out 2 to 3 meter long leaves resembling Palm leaves. A robust grower that reaches 15 ft in 2 to 3 years. Yellow flowers are born in abundance. It is a great tree for landscape hence it makes it into our list.

Schizlobium Flowers
Schizolobium in Bloom

6. Delonix Regia

Gold More Tree
Gul Mohr / Gold More

An absolute favorite among the people of Lahore and Karachi. Gul mohar / Gold More is an excellent tree for hot climate areas where it stuns a passer when it is in bloom. Often found in red and orange flowers. Yellow Delonix is a rarity and is only available on pure order with us.

5. Lagerstroemia Loudonii

Thai Bungor
Lagerstroemia Loudonii

A perfect roadside or a small garden tree. When in bloom it is very similar in appearance to Cassia Bakeriana but the flower color is more blue-is than pink of Bakeriana. The form is slightly weeping and the tree does not cover a lot of area. It blooms from April and continue to bloom til September. Highly recommended for everyone. Perhaps the easiest of all trees to grow.

4. Peppermint Peach Tree

Flowering Peach Tree
                   Peppermint Peach Tree

Pictures speak louder than words. This is an absolute stunner in the garden. Same plant will bear white pink and red flowers on the same branches. Only Laburnum Adami has similar characteristics. Ideal tree for a small garden that does better from Lahore and North of Lahore. Won’t perform well in areas like Mulan, Rahim Yar Khan etc.

3. Vitex Agnus Castus

Vitex Agnus Castus
Vitex Agnus Castus

I wish this tree is planted in abundance in Pakistan. I have seen this tree always paying host to honey bees   butterflies and sunbird. The flowers are beautiful blue with cool fragrance. They bloom from April to October. This is an easy plant to grow. A very vigorous plant and deserves more recognition. Not to confuse with Vitex begun do, it’s wild cousin.

Please visit our Youtube Channel ‘Fabeline Horticulture’ for more videos o this tree.

2. Cassia Leptophylla

Gold Medallion Tree

A newly discovered cousin of Amaltas ‘Cassia Fistula’ finds its place at no. 2 simply because of its ability to bloom in its second year and it’s engender bloom period. The flowers are borne in shape of rings which is a character found in only a handful of trees. The flowering season starts in April and the trees continue to bloom till October. Drought tolerant.

1. Cassia Nealiae ‘Rainbow Shower’

Rainbow Shower Cassia

And here comes the queen from Hawaii. Cassia Nealiae Rainbow Shower is the national tree of Hawaii planted in abundance on roadsides of Honolulu. The flower bids are yellow which open to pink. Flowering seasons starts from April and lasts till November. The trees are generally taller than Cassia Noosa and are upright in Nature making them an ideal garden or roadside tree. Although grafted plants can take 2 to 3 years to flower but the wait is worth it. Can be grown from Sindh to Islamabad including all of Punjab except murder and surrounding areas.

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