Plants for Shade or Patio

Looking for Plants for shade ?Have an area that receives no sunlight ?

Consider this as a problem ?


NO!!! It’s a blessing. You can grow all those plants that you cannot grow under full sun, in an area that is open to the garden but does not receive direct sun. First, Let’s see this video



A Perfect spot for shade plants that is open from 3 sides, gets ample light but no direct sunlight. The plants for shade areas as this one may include Bromliad, Ferns , Chlorophytums , Draecenas , Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily), Heucheras and if you are living in Islamabad / Rawalpindi , you may also grow Azaleas, Hydrangeas etc.


There are various varieties of ferns one can grow in such areas with no direct light. Like Ferns come in various forms.

Shade Plants
Various Varieties to Choose from

One very interesting plant for such areas is Fatsia Variegated.If you can afford the price tag, Normally around 3000 to 10000 depending upon the size, this is the plant to keep.


Fatsia Japonica

Fatsia Japonica Variegated

You can also add flower color in form of Hydrangeas:


Grow in Shade


Or leaf beauty by adding Houttuniyas:

Excellent Spring & Summer Color


Senseveira and Peace lilies are excellent indoor plants.They could be most carefree indoor plants one can have.

1-Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)
2- Senseiveiria (Snake Plant & Hybrids)
3- Ferns
4-Draecenas (Various forms)
7-Fatsia Japonica & Variegated



Water plants only when the soil starts to dry out. Empty the trays/ Pot holders at the base often. Look out for Pests and Diseases.


Happy Gardening!!!


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